Wednesday, August 29, 2018

22 Days to go!

Down to 22 more days here at Diamond Rock CG. It is actually already starting to feel like Fall here! Two mornings ago the lo was 37f!  This morning it was 40f! Just awesome!

The hummingbirds are basically all gone.  😞  It fun while they were here!  Apparently they don't like "cool weather" as much as I do. But I'll catch up with them next Spring again!

 The wildlife has been just great! I have quite a few more "critter pics", just have find them and organize them...then share them with you!

Be sure to keep checking back, if all goes well I hope to have my website up & running in the next few months. 

And...if you have time, take a look at my book available on Amazon.... 

Have a great Labor Day!

C'ya!  Frog  🐸🐸🚐🚐

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