Friday, February 21, 2014

The Olympics!

I'm sitting on a ramp on I-15 southbound watching the Olympics. I have really enjoyed watching them this year. I have even gotten into the skating this year. And as of now the US is in the medal lead....not on top with gold, but on top with medals. And watching these athletes has been very good this year.

But, I am rather, oh how would I say.....disappointed in the coverage that NBC has done on this Olmpics. I'm sorry, but this is not the time or the place to make political statements or to bring up past (and current) issues in the world of politics and even "human suffering"....this is supposed to be a time of holding up the "human spirit" and putting the spotlight on the participants. 

I just got through listening to Bob Costas again make a long spiel on the "evils" of the Russian state and the inequalities of the system, etc, etc. Now, granted....I don't like Costas, but leaving that aside.....I am very disappointed in NBC taking the Olympics and making them a platform for "exposing" shortfalls in all the is just not the place.

So, enough of my soapboxing.....back to the events!  I watch them on tv, then catch the full events online....Thanks Jason!!  :-)

I'm sitting this weekend, loading out Monday morning from Cedar City, UT with 3 pipes to go to Corsicana, TX. Easy load, light load, hopefully good run. Then I think Erin and I are going to keep me in the Confederacy for a while. These folks out here want to tarp stuff that has no need to tarp. So I think I will work out of the ports for a while and see how that works out.

Weather here has been very nice....pleasant....once the winds finally blew themselves out! It was really nasty for a couple of days. I'll be driving down to the TA in Parowan, UT for the rest of the weekend, a small TA but decent parking area and has been clean every time I've dropped in. So I'll wash my few dirty clothes, take a couple of HOT showers (try to loosen up my shoulders) and just relax. Because when I come out Monday I will be running hard for  days and then take a 34 next weekend.

Johnny Weir is strange!  Maybe I should just say eccentric in his dress!!  ROFLMAO!!!!  I DO BELIEVE HE IS WEARING FALSE EYELASHES!!!!  LOL!!!

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