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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Parowan, UT for the Weekend

Spent a quiet nite on a ramp north of here last night. Got a pretty good night's sleep and just enjoyed the view. Drove on down to Parowan, UT's TA this morning...and set up camp until early Monday morning.  I'll fuel up and run 22 miles into Cedar City for my pickup. Will be headed to Corsicana, TX with 3 sections of pipe, 50' long, 36" diameter....light load but interesting in the wind.  

While here at the TA Abbie has discovered some really big dogs!!!
LOL  I don't know if I have ever gotten her this close to "big dogs" before!  She was on her best form with barking and squaring off against those big intruders!!  Sat there for about 15 minutes working of her getting a little more at ease with them. 

And you can tell I am here for what is for me an extended period of time....first of all I'm in a truckstop for longer than 30 minutes......

second....I'm parked as close to the building as I can get!  LOL  Going to go in later and see if I can empty the boiler of hot water, then I'm going to wash what dirty clothes that I have onboard, then tomorrow I'll try to run the boiler out of hot water at least one more time!

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