Wednesday, February 5, 2014

It's just cold!

I turned dpwn a run to KS, OK & Tx Panhandle.....tired of the cold!  Sssooooooo.......Abilene tonight, already 19°, calling for 1"-6" of snowossible from midnigh to noon tomorrow.  I JUST CAN'T GET AWAY FROM IT!!!  LOL

But, I have to get some maintenance done on Bertha, Abbie needed a spa day and....I found 2 of my favorige stores next to each other....share an entrance!   Home Depot & Tractor Supply!  Love it!  Got my pretzel refill and s rews to fix tbe hardware on my dinette table. So all is good!

I'm probably going to park at the Flying J in Tye, need to wash a few clothes.  And im bobtail for the nite so better enjoy it while I can!

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