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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Morning from Houston, Tx

Good Morning from the wet city of Houston, Tx....actually, from the Houston Port area. I'm loading out this morning for Midland, Tx. Not sure yet what I'm hauling, but after yesterday, I'm not too worried about it...just get me out of here!  LOL

Was supposed to load out pipe for a company yesterday (the company shall remain un-named) & it turned into a fiasco!  They/He kept telling me that "the coversheet" from Erin never got there. Then they had me 1,500 lbs over-gross, then after several calls, I was informed that "she", my dispatcher had "lied" to him.....well, that was/is a crock of ca-ca! And pretty well set me off! I kept my mouth shut (for a change) and worked with Erin on it. The guys/company where I was loading out of were great! The company I was about to haul for sucked!

So, after going in circles for about an hour & a half, finally just told them to unload me, pull the pipe off my truck. Erin was never even sent a rate confirmation....and after he ran his mouth one time too many....that was it....I wouldn't have carried their pipe for anything!

Anywho!....I'm sitting at my pick-up spot (hopefully!) for my load this morning. This is the correct building, but i might have to go to another yard to actually check in before loading. You just never know here at the dock area just how the companies are set up to do their paperwork. I think the last time I hauled from this group I had to go to the "pre-load" yard about a 1/4 mile back to check in & be told where to go for loading. But that could have just been for the type of stuff I was getting that time. We shall see in about an hour.

But I will be back in Midland by tomorrow afternoon, no matter how they do it!  :-)

More on the continuing saga of The Trucking Frog later today!

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