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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Supper Bowl? Oh....Super Bowl!

Sitting here watching the Super Bowl behind the Wallyworld in Brenham, TX.....and it is not very pretty...for Broncos, anyway!  Denver has just not come to play...well, not play very well!  I guess I'm just an 'ol fart....halftime was not much for me to look at or listen to.....watching another episode of BBC Top Gear is looking better every play!!

It has been a quiet weekend, sat in Killeen yesterday, made it to Brenham. I'm 62 miles from my drop....but it doesn't look like there is much space to park at my drop, so I will probably head in hat direction after the game and see how close I can get to it and find a little room to park.  Soon as I get empty.....

The KIA K900 commercial was pretty good!  Matrix reloaded!!!  :)

The Hunts ketchup one was cute!!

I will be headed back to Midland....and just maybe be able to catch a load back to Houston and back to Midland. They pay well.

OMG.....the Broncos just can't do anything right tonight.....Top Gear is getting better looking every minute!

The Honda/Bruce Willis commercial was cute.

The Budweiser "Welcome Home Soldier" commercial was excellent!

Guess I will end this for now and decide just what I am going to do for the rest of the evening until I run on into Houston. :-)

Wellllllll......36-0 Seattle.....Hmmmmm.....2:58 to go in the 3rd quarter....wonder who is going to win!?!?!?!?   DUH!!

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