Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Little Things We Accept....Should We?

I have come to the conclusion that when I have to sit for two days I tend to start thinking about things and seeing little things that seem to pass by in the normal "speed" of daily living. And living in a "confined" space that happens to have 10 wheels under it and a really good view of the world (looking down on the majority of it gives you an incredible view) let's you sit back and see things at a different pace.

I know folks think that my aversion to WallyWorld and other large companies is pretty well a dead and dieing outlook on life and daily living....but just when I think that I might have to accept it and just deal with the changing world.....some little thing will pop up and grab my attention and I just have to say...."damnit, I don't like being a number". Now what, you ask, brought on this soul searching moment again? usual it is a little thing that set me off today and has absolutely no grounds in reality or commonsense, but is just another nail!  Heheheh

 This morning I got up to have a nice bowl of cereal for breakfast...made my cup of coffee, got dressed, watered the dog.....and prepared my highly looked forward to bowl of Rice Chex!  With styrofoam bowl dug out, spoon found, cereal poured into bowl, 100% natural cane sugar applied evenly on top of cereal I anxiously poured my cup (more or less) of milk over it and prepared for a little slice (spoonfull) of heaven!

First spoonful was great....until I was about to insert the second spoonful.....and....have you ever had that feeling that something was just not right with something that you had just experienced?!?!?!  Well, that sensation set in on my mouth! But too late....the second spoonful was already surrounding my tongue!  I sat back and thought "that just is not quite right a flavor for my cereal". I looked at the milk jug, and granted, the "best by" date was the 21st, but, my little fridge keeps things edible for days after that date, especially since that date is a "best by" date...and they have done news reports about that date and it is supposed to be a "best by" date....not an end date at which time the item self-destructs!! 

Now, for the past several weeks I have been buying the local "name brands" of milk, which usually costs me 5% to 15% more, but those items are usually good for a week past the "best by" date!  This in turn has gotten me to looking at the rest of my food items that I have in my pantry....and I came to the realization that 95% of all my "stuff" has fairly name brand "stuff". Even when I find items that are not "Name Brand" where I live, they happen to be a big name somewhere in the country. With the amount of ground that I cover each week, I have learned that "name brands" change from each area of the country and they are just fabulous. National brands are good, but you have to be careful which ones you get.

I know I'm on a soapbox, but I finally realized that I had fallen into the trap we all get into and that is believing that "they" have our best interests in mind with all the little "helps" that we are given each day! I'm even getting more in-depth watching who and what is used on my truck, clothes, books, electronics...etc. I have gotten back into the habit of reading about what I am wanting to do, learning the basics of things I don't know, so that I can actually make an "educated" decision on it all.  Maybe it has taken me a few bumps to get back to this, and maybe I am hoping you all will think about this for yourselves....but we have to do something for ourselves, if not all of it for ourselves....and the "it" I am thinking about is thinking for ourselves, not just following others lead.

I'm sitting here listening to "Face the Nation"....and God help us...I'm not sure there are many, if any, good choices out there for leadership. Been here for almost 60 years and I am hearing the same stuff, worded a little differently maybe, that I have been hearing for the past 40 years. 

I say that I am "wired" more than most folks are, especially for a truck driver...
and there might be some truth to that statement!!  LOL  But I am staying with what I have because I have been reading up on the "new, improved, stronger, faster" stuff coming out that would replace what I have and also tasked my researcher (Joshua, heheheh) with seeing if any of it would make my life better...and the resounding reply in my brain is NO!!  So I think I just might be stabilized for a while, maybe for the duration. On CBS Sunday they had a piece on a little newspaper in a little town in CO that was still being published on a lithograph printing machine, built in the 1800's....and I was so glad to see it. Maybe we need to get a little more in touch with the past that we have left so far behind in our race to embrace the growing world of technology. But I digress.

I just downloaded pics from my camera that go back to Christmas....and something just dawned on me....simple is better! Smaller is larger than bigger! I hope that makes sense, because I'm not sure that I can explain that right now. But the following pics just might explain it better than my words!

Maybe as I get older I might soften with my feelings of circling the wagons...but as I do get older, I feel more strongly about the years are closing slowly, but the circle is still there, and I see it strongly in my kids....may the circle always be there. I'll just keep running around and holding up the outside of the circle. The inside of the circle has become a self-sustaining organism....and I love it!!  :-)

Not sure just where this installment has ended up, but it has ended for now!  LOL  Time to take mutley out and do a little more housecleaning....

Later, Ciao, C'ya!!  :-)

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