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Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Lot Of Miles Under the Rubber!

Well folks....there have been a lot of miles passed under my tires since I left Buford. Headed on up to Rock Springs, WY and unloaded. Erin tried to get a load out of there....and found one, baled scrap steel.....Wrong!  The "sales rep" for the broker she found the run from was either stupid, ignorant or just a schmuck!  It ended up being crushed cars. And we/I don't haul crushed cars...DOT loves to see a load coming, because they can usually find leaking fluids...antifreeze, oil, hydraulic fluid, the usual car fluids....and that is a very big NoNo on the road for EPA reasons. Ended up driving back to Saratoge, WY to get a load of rough cut 2X4's out to Denver.

Then loaded out from Denver with roofing tar drums and made the run to Abilene. That load was a mess....told the loader that 20 pallets would put me over gross, but Owens/Corning's "rule" is load 20, truck goes and scales, if over gross they have to come back, give papers and scale ticket to loader, he has to go to his boss and he has to call his boss to get permission to take a pallet off, then the pallet comes off!  But they see no compulsion to reimburse the truck for the additional miles/time/fuel that is used to meet their requirements! So, needless to say, Owens/Corning is now on my shit list and I will not carry any more of their loads. They do the same thing with their shingles and so I have had to deal with this 3 times more!

Erin got a load out of Brownwood, TX to Houston for me, a load of 4" coiled PVC pipe that delivers Monday, so I have 2+ days to travel 5 drive hours...relaxed weekend!  I'll be in Houston sometime tomorrow morning and get settled in to watch the Super Bowl (since it is on FOX) and just chill.

Already have a load out of Houston back to Midland. I have to get back to Tye, TX to get some work done on the truck.  Then I start working my way back through Alabama to take a couple of days off to visit the kids and do some "upgrading" to my truck. Going to add several work lights to the truck, some step lights on the side, and adding a couple of backup lights on the rear of the trailer so that I can "light it up" when I have to backup at night. I have gotten tired of backing up with brakelights for 1/2+ miles in the desert at night!!  LOL


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