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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Back in the truck......

It was a nice relaxing day with the kids.

I finally have the video that I shot and couldn't get it to load of the LA trooper that was parking in front of me at the Welcome Center on I-20 day before yesterday. He would park in front of me and get out and radar the traffic coming out of MS. Got to "visit" with him for a little bit while taking my break. He told me that he sets there often, for a whole shift a lot of times. And I can see why! I was there about 2.5 hours and he pulled out at least 9 times....and as I was leaving he was coming back into the rest area after that 9th I guess he continued there for a thing is for sure....he makes his salary sitting there and popping folks that come across from MS hauling butt!!  LOL

The load that I have on now is from the New Iberia, LA port area. I'll get a shot of the trailer tomorrow and add it here...but this is the yard that I loaded out of.  There are 10 pieces of pipe on me that area 36"x.5"x20', steel pipe.  Not a real heavy load, but interesting is 9 feet tall and when in wind it gets interesting just staying in my lane.

 On the way up here I passed this heavy haul. There were 27 axles total on truck and trailer rig. But the really interesting part was the two trucks following. Look closely at them. They are bracketed to the rear of the trailer and a pushing the load! I hadn't seen that in a long time. So you had a semi pulling the trailer, then you had 2 (count them....TWO) semis pushing the load....that is one massive load! The really funny part of this is that I met them the next night after loading and getting back towards my drop....still heading the same way, but they had only been able to cover about 35-40 miles!

Well, I am about to crash out for the evening. I will be headed out in the whatever time I finally get up!......and should be in Carlsbad, NM by early evening, if not late afternoon.Just not sure how long I want to sleep in in the morning!

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