Friday, October 2, 2015

Heading South!! :-)

I have headed south for the winter! And things are going pretty well. Bertha is still not charging like she should, but that is why I carry a generator with me...for backup for whatever doesn't work right!  LOL!

I'm about 9 miles west of Laramie, WY tonight...and I got here and parked just in time to fire up the TV, scan for channels....and catch the Thursday Night Football game! There are good points to getting back to some segments of society! Not many at times....but there are high points!  ;-)

Today was a good driving day. I actually covered a little over 200 miles today. More than I planned on doing each day, but trying to find a decent spot to park in WY is almost  a lost cause. They just don't give many spots for parking...I now remember why I didn't like driving thru here when in a truck.

But the one thing that has made me quite happy is that Bertha, overall is averaging a little over 7.4mpg! That is great for my budget and my upcoming winter!  And it makes me rest a little easier that as I get things fixed/updated on her, it will continue to get better.

It was a gorgeous evening. The sunset was just beautiful!  Sat here and watched the football game....the Ravens won over the Steelers in OT....and then I started shuting down for the evening. A very relaxing evening! Just a little while ago, I realized that I was rocking from side to side in the house...and the wind has picked up a lot....a steady 12-15mph gusting to 25+mph. And it is trying to rain!  It made me think about what it must have been like for the homesteaders and miners that came out here over a hundred years ago. What it must have been like to be in wagons, on horseback and walking in a land where the weather changes in a matter of hours!  It makes me appreciate Bertha, even with all the little issues she still has....but I am sitting here with lights, out of the wind/rain, warm....and comfortable! :-)  And with a nice warm cup of coffee!!

Guess I had better get to sleep so that I can roll in the morning...sometime!!  I have gotten used to not having to worry about a schedule too much...just go with the flow of the day!

More to come later as the trip south continues!!  :-D

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