Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The HEAT Is Still Here!! (Late to Publish!)

For those of you that are in the "cooler" parts of the country....stay away from Texas!!  The record hi here for today is 99...calling for 98 today.  The record hi for tomorrow is 92...calling for 96!  Today's record Hi is 105 years old...tomorrows was set in 1999.  I know I said I was going south for the winter where it was "warmer"....but this is ridiculous!!  LOL!  Checked this morning at was 34 in Stanley....sob, sob!!  :,)

Oh well, next year I'll just waint a couple of extra weeks before I head south for the summer!!!  :-D

And I thought I would add a couple of photos of my current "campsite"!  :-)

Since I've been here...for a month!  LOL...It has been HOT, fairly cool at times....and RAIN!!!  This past weekend, in case you missed the news...Texas almost got drowned!!  Here in NRH we had about 6 inches...but just south of Dallas, in Corsicana, they had over 22 inches in 3 days, and over 13 of that fell in one day!  It has been unreal!!

I have found my "winter job"...I'm delivering food!  And really overall enjoying it! The company I'm with is called "DoorDash". I've picked up and delivered food from high-end French restaurants to Taco Bell to Wendy's to Pizza places to smokehouses to Panera Bread to oriental & Greek!  So needless to say I have found some really neat places to go and try out eventually! 

That about does it for in late from work and I'm ready for some sleep!  I'll try to get some more pics on in a few days and give you an update on Bertha and what has and is going to be done on her in the coming weeks!  :-)

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