Saturday, October 3, 2015

Colorado...and almost Sunshine!

In Ft Collins, CO and the day is looking better...except for the traffic!  And boy, I had forgotten about the traffic!  I had been surprised about the traffic that rolled by us last night where we spent the afternoon and nite....US Hwy 287 just north of Livermore, CO.  Wellllll.....then we hit Ft Collins this morning!  LOL!  Welcome back to "civilization"!!! It is still crazy on the roads!!

We stopped at the welcome centeer in Ft Collins, Abbie just chillin' and watching the folks come in.

Me checking the skies and weather reports....and trying to still get used to having a car follow me so closely and for so many miles!  LOL!!  But it is a really good feeling to have an "escape pod" just in case it is needed!!  And from what I can tell, Bertha can not really tell that Sidekick is behind us!  It might be costing a little bit in mpg's, but overall we are averaging 7.2-7.6mpg....not bad for a rolling "collectable" and driven by an "antique"!!!  :-)

And now that I am a "full-time" RVer...I just had to play the part and make sure that I loaded up on "propaganda" from the great state of Colorado!  Have started a file box for all my state propaganda that I will be collecting as I roll from state to state!

It is about time to do a few more miles! It is nice to not really have a schedule...but I do still need to get to Texas sometime this month!! And the sun has almost come out! So it should be a good day!

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