Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Texas Yesterday!

I crossed over into Texas yesterday afternoon...and boy was it windy!  I was either fighting fog/low overcast or wind in CO and OK. And the wind was the worst in Oklahoma....but it carried right over into the panhandle of Texas also!  So I got across into the panhandle of TX and found a roadside table pulloff and called it quits for the night!

My little 4K generator has either given up the ghost and needs to be laid to rest, or she is in need of some major "doctoring"!  So thank goodness I have my solar panel set! I set it up this afternoon and charged my van batt for several hours, then changed over to the aux batts and charged them for an hour or so and then hit the road again!

Made it to Childress, TX for the night, parked in the Wally here....there is no telling how many times I have parked here!  It is one of my favorite spots to break for the night.  In the morning I'll charge the aux batts first thing, then let Bertha's batts charge for several hours, and then I'll try to knock out about 150 miles!  I'm about 224 miles from Tif & Cary's...I plan on being there by Thursday evening...hopefully!

That about covers it for today.  More of the continuing saga soon!!

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