Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Closing Down & Locking Up!

Getting closer yet to leaving. Sunny Gulch closed it gates at noon yesterday...and I have the campground to myself once again!  And boy is it quiet here....after setting occupancy records for the  majority of the summer it is almost surreal the quiet here!  It is so quiet that I haven't seen any deer the last couple of days!  LOL!

I've been cleaning up, locking up and getting ready to roll out of here this coming weekend. I'm waiting for my solar panels to arrive on Thursday, "play" with them for a couple of days and then hit the road for Texas.

But I just had to give you an update on my last "die-hard" campers that I had here.......

This is Tom, Marsha & Barney! They are Idahoians and were out for one more trip before the summer totally ended....and to try to escape the smoke back home! They live near some of the fires that are still going on in Idaho. Tom said that when they pulled out of home that you were doing good to see more than a few hundred yards due to the smoke!

This is Richard & Rebecca, from Oregon. Just making one of their annual trips around the country and trying to stay out of the smoke and away from the fires. They said that it had seemed that the smoke had been following them around.

And this is Lisa from Montana....and she is a "traveling nurse"...which I had never heard of a traveling nurse!  She moves around the country filling in where there are short-term shortages in the nursing field! I thought that was quite cool!  She had been in Boise for a few months and is now headed south to the AZ area for part or a lot of the winter!

While I was cleaning firepits, I noticed a little eyeball looking at me thru one of the vent holes in a pit....and look what I found!!

I think I had interrupted his winter stocking activities! He stayed in the side until I was done, then hopped up on the side and gave me the evil eye for a couple of minutes before heading off to his "home"!  LOL!

I keep taking picture of "my mountains" because I just truly love this area! They look different every day in some way due to the light, clouds and angles.  I already can't wait to get back to Sunny next year!

And I have been determined to have some "good" fires before I leave, and I have succeeded on having some really good ones!  In fact they have been so good that I have burned up about 75% of the wood that I had stacked up on my pad in about 4 nights!!!  I'm gonna miss my fires!!

So as the season closes out the skies here still give me a show each evening that is worth taking pictures of and I will probably be taking pictures of the evenings for quite a few more years....and I just can't wait!!

Time to get the day on the road, get a little more put up, my pad cleaned and Bertha ready for the run south!!  See you again in a couple of days!

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