Monday, September 1, 2014

My Monday Morning! & I'm late!

It's Monday morning & that means I'm late doing clothes!  LOL. But it's a holiday so it shouldn't be busy....wrong!  LOL. Seems a lot of folks decided the same it's not a quiet as I'm used to here.

But it's amazing how hard folks work to not look at another person in the same area. It's almost like they are afraid of the possibility of having to say "hi" or "good morning" to you. I have to admit that I find it quite amusing.

And even though I'm sitting here doing this on my Note 3 phone...what did we do when we didn't have them!?!?  I can remember buying a USA Today or other paper....or taking a book....or, god forbid!...striking up a conversation with the washer load next to me!

And on top of that, when some poor soul has to ask someone "Do you know how these washers work?" (& they're asking a person that is taking their wet clothes out of a washer), they almost have a look of fear on their faces!

As I sit here and think about, we have become such a connected world thru all our technology that we have become a disconnected world when it comes to personal interactions with other people. It's kinda like...."sure, I'll be your BFF, but make sure you stay inside my phone/tablet...that way you can't read my body language!" 

We have come such a long way and yet we have fallen in to such a deep hole when it comes to being human!  Granted, I'm not one to talk...I like the "loner" lifestyle....but...I also like to interact with "humams" around me when I'm in those kinds of situations. There are 10 folks in here doing clothes....and the only conversation is by the couple, and they're not really conversing.

I know I age myself when I say "I can remember when...", but!...I can remember when it was easy to strike up a conversation with folks around you. Times have sure changed, and I'm not sure for the better!

Well, the day has passed and I got my clothes all clean and dry. Went to the store and got the few things that I needed for the rest of the week, basically. So I guess I am set for a few days.

I am parked at the back of the work site next to the generator that is for the office trailer. One of the superintendents said park there and see if "they say anything to me or try to run me off"...that is a good feeling! I'm not sure who is actually in charge at this site. But I guess I will find out in the morning. So, if nobody says anything to me in the morning, I'm parked!! And in that case, it looks like I will be here thru December. We shall see!!

Boy, this update just keeps getting longer!  LOL  I'm settled in where I guess I will be parked for a while, just getting the power situation straight. But today I found out that I still have a leak from my transmission...and is a pretty good one. Have an appointment at 8am back at the tranny shop to have it looked at again. Let's hope that it is nothing major, just a line or connection cracked from from my little 20+ inch drop off the other day!

Going to add some pics to this and get it posted. More to come later! Have a good week!  :-)

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