Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fall Can't Get Here Soon Enough!!!

How about has been less than a week since my last update!!!  

It was a pretty good week here...which translates out to mean....nothing has happened of much importance!!!  Just quiet nights and sleepy days!

So this will be short and painless!!!  The only thing to really talk about is the has rained several times, and each time the air becomes like a sauna and it gets almost just unbearable here. But it has been cooling off some the past several days, and the forecast for the future is for it to keep getting cooler, hopefully.

But when it gets cloudy here it makes for some really nice shots of the sky! You can see for so far off that it is down right impressive! Especially when you can stand on the top level of a 5 story parking deck!

But that is my excitement for this week. So I will make this very short and painless....and say that I hope that my next post will be just as painless!!

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