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Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Well, this could turn into an interesting day! They are starting to scrape down the hill/curve that runs up to the main gate. That is the way that I come and go. This means that they are getting ready to probably start doing the forming and rebarring for pouring the concrete for the rest of the road in that direction. I'm keeping an eye on the progress for today.

I plan on moving up to the front gate after hours tonight so that I don't drip any more on the concrete down here, and because I plan on leaving the site at 6am when I get off duty and going over to the transmission shop. Hopefully they will be able to find and fix the leak in the morning. If they get it fixed and I get back over here tomorrow evening, and if they do start the forming....well, I could be stuck back here for 7 days or longer. The curb is still up at the NW exit and I don't want to go in and out there because I would be taking a chance of ripping off my sewer pipes on the rear end of the house.

An interesting situation that I am in! Could become very cozy!!  LOL

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