Sunday, September 7, 2014

The First Football Weekend of the Season!!! has started!!! The football season is officially here! My weekends are booked up for the next 4 months! And it is nice to once again to be able to watch football, or listen to football, ALL weekend!

And my "new" housing lot is quite tight, a little dirty, just a bit noisy....but it's home and it has power 24/7!  So I'm pretty well set. Yesterday, they worked here about half of the day on the roadway that runs out on the east side of the site thru the main gate. 

And as you can tell from the pic with Abbie in it, they have dug down quite a bit. At the highest point, they are about 30 inches down. When I walked it yesterday afternoon, I first thought that I could get out, but it is quite rough on the top side...and I have had enough rocking and rolling to get in and out. So I just might be here until next weekend.

But,if they get the curb dug out on the NW corner at the other gate....I will be able to turn around and get out. I'm hoping that is what will happen. I'm stocked up for at least a week, but I would like to get out for a day once a week.  Heheh

We did get some rain here the past 3-4 days. Not a whole lot, but enough to kill the dust for a couple of days, and make mud puddles that I had to keep Abbie out of when we went on our walks.

I guess that about brings things up to date on the happenings here in San Antonio. It is supposed to be hot here all week. it has not been triple digits for a few days, but the humidity has been gross!  Whatever the actual temperature, they have been adding 3-5 degrees to it for the "feels like" temps.

Hope everyone had a good weekend, and that your week goes well also. More to come in a couple of days!!  :-)

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