Saturday, April 12, 2014

Drove until late....a day of rest!

I made it to my load point in Oklahoma City by 12:30pm yesterday and got loaded with plastic (PVC) conduit again. I like these loads. Found a Home Depot just a couple of miles from my load point and parked behind it for "a break"...LOL...made some supper, watched some Ancient Aliens and got comfortable....and took about a 4.5 hour nap!  Needless to say it was late when I started driving.  It was late enough that Brad was headed in for his overnight run, so we talked and drove for several hours.  I finally stopped about 3:30-4am this morning.  Slept until about 8:30-9am and then drove on up to Springfield for the rest of the weekend.

I pretty well just rested today. Have cleaned up a little bit more, going to get another drawer or two tonight at Wally. That should be enough storage for me to just about have a home for everything and the floor will be clear except for the dog's bowl and my small toolbox.

I should have my drop off in Springfield by 8am Monday, hopefully.  Then it will be hammer down for Ft Dodge, IA...I might actually be able to get there for that drop before 5pm.  Going to try hard. That should set me up to be empty by either 2pm Tuesday or 0630 Wednesday morning.  The only problem with this run is.....

Have you been looking at the weather forecasts for the next 3 days???  There is a blasted cold front coming down into the US out of Canada that is gonna be GOOD!!!!  Bah-humbug!  The highs in Duluth while I'm there is supposed to be basically freezing, 31°-33° degrees with lows of 12°-15° degrees!!  Sheesh!!!  And I have been in shorts for the past week! Will have to break out my heavy coat and cap for a couple of days.  This is the winter that just keeps on giving!!!

Found a Jackie Chan movie that I had not heard of the other day...."Chinese Zodiac".....I'll probably be watching it tonight. Hopefully it is good....I haven't seen a bad movie by him yet.

Oh, back to the weather....the wind is also going to get pretty bad here tomorrow. They are calling for 20-30mph today and basically tomorrow with gusts up to 35mph. But tomorrow is also supposed to rain for most of the day....oh joy!

It is getting a little cooler now, sun going down and wind still blowing. It was 80 here today. Need to get my stuff together to hit the shower in a while and probably go ahead and do my laundry later tonight.

More tomorrow....hopefully I won't forget to get in here and keep this current. Trying to get to the point that I hit it every day!  Now, that is a challenge to me from me!!!  LOL

Cya later....  :-)

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