Sunday, April 27, 2014

In VA...heading for KY

I got unloaded Friday morning in Ford, VA....then drove over to Colonial Hts, VA and loaded out for Henderson, KY.  It is about a 1 day drive....and I deliver  Monday a nice leisurely drive for the weekend!

I stayed in Colonial Heights for the night Friday, and most of the day yesterday!  Just chilled and relaxed and cleaned up a little more in the truck!  It rained and thundered and had was a beautiful night for sleeping! And I did very deeply!!!  LOL

Had a few issues with my DEF (exhaust system) yesterday...but seem to have gotten it straightened out over the course of the evening...all is well for the time just have to get my APU serviced and running.

I'm at the Welcome Center for TN on a few hours sleep and took the dog out and have had coffee (2 cups working on 2 gallons!!!  Heheheheheheh).  I'll be in Henderson, KY late this afternoon for delivery in the morning. Then where to?....who knows!  LOL
(And I might even get Bertha a bath today!! )

And as you can tell from the last picture....summer is getting here!  See the bug guts?!?!?!?!?!?  Almost makes you miss least the windshield stays clean for days!!!  LOL

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