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Monday, April 14, 2014

An Interesting Day!

It was an interesting day today. It started with my has been a while since I drove a tractor trailer into a cave!  It was rather neat....and the underground storage in Springfield is a lot better/nicer than the ones in Kansas City!
 It is a mining operation that is almost over/complete. They have been mining limestone from this area for several decades. It is almost complete, rather, they have almost used up all their mineral rights. So they are shutting down the mining and finishing up making "warehouses" out of it.
 Where I delivered to has been there a while. The guy that offloaded me said he had been working there for that company for 13 years. So it is well founded in the area.
 But what got me was just how "new" everything looked. It looks like it is just a few years old...not pushing 20 years as warehousing....not to mention just how old the mining operation is.

Then, once I got that delivery done and then fueled up and headed north for tomorrow's delivery....oh, what an interesting drive!

 The picture on top doesn't show it too well, but the radar shot from phone makes it pretty clear....I drove thru snow/sleet/rain/mess for about half of the day. And the wind was gusting up to 35+mph.  It was just a cruddy day to drive for the most part.

It is just the winter that just keeps on giving!!!!

In the morning I deliver to a wind it should be interesting...more pics tomorrow night. I will be in Minneapolis tomorrow night and Duluth on Wednesday morning.

From there.....who knows...chasing the dollar for now!!  :-)

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