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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

In the middle of fields in OK

I just got done unloading in the middle of some lovely farmland outside of Shawnee, OK.  It is really some nice looking country here. The water pipe I hauled here is for 6-8 miles of new water main that is going in.  Driving into here, though, about a mile back went through an area that was hit by a tornado in the recent past.  It's always sad to see the havoc that "mother nature" can deal out!  But the folks here just clean up, rebuild & continue on.  It's just a part of living here that they deal with...just like anyplace else!

Maybe I'm mellowing, maybe just getting a little more I've always takes all kinds to make this world.But as time progresses, I have come to see that the folks that run on the outter fringe of "society" seem to take care of a large part of that society.  From feeding & fueling to transporting & clothing the vast majority.So YEA!!! for the fringe runners....without them.....where would the majority be??? 

 Oh...I almost matter where you go....always check out the local city & town names....never ceases to amaze me!!

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