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Saturday, January 18, 2014

In Amarillo Again!!

Well.....I'm in Amarillo again....becoming a regular occurance.  Since my last post I have run to Merkel, Tx, Moore, Ok, Carlsbad, NM, Albuquerque, NM and am now back in Amarillo....again!!  LOL  I deliver Monday morning and have no idea where from there yet.

Stopped a few days ago to have a PM done and the oil drain plug was tightened so much last time that it wouldn't come out. And you can't force too much because it is set in an insert in the pan that Volvo puts in the pan....crack the insert and you have to get a new oilpan.....not very nice.....about $1500 to replace. So I will be headed back to the Tye, Tx area in a few days to get with my Volvo shop there and have to let the office know what the last shop did (since it is a local shop in Weatherford) and see what happens when my Volvo guys get hold of it.

Abbie got to have a long overdue spa day this morning at PetCo here. She was about 2+ weeks past due.....she was just a four legged dust bunny!  But now she looks good, smells good and feels good!  :-)

I will be giving myself a cleanup day tomorrow at the TA here. Need to get my last couple of loads faxed into the shop to get them in the system. Then wash clothes, shave and shower, and then settle in to watch a last few hours of football for the season!

After 10.5 months I am almost done getting the truck setup and a home for everything. I will be adding a few pictures to this post later tomorrow. Should have a few pics of the truck, the last few loads, and of Abbie (she came out of spa time with a blue feather behind her right ear! LOL ).

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