Sunday, January 19, 2014

AHHHHHH.......The Last Sunday for Football!!! (SuperBowl doesn't count!)

A quiet Sunday, wandered thru Best Buy this morning before the church crowd hit the roads. Spent a little time in Target.  I have run on down to the TA again and I am setup to watch Broncos/Patriots....kickoff in just a few minutes. Then a very short break and 49er's/Seahawks......and then my withdrawal symptoms begin!!!!  LOL

And I am definitely fixed up for a 2 game marathon of football....corndogs, chips & dip, a few sodas.....and a good dog curled up next to me......  ;-)

So I will close for now and be back after the games!!!!   YaHoooooooooooo!!!  Heheheheheheh  :P

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