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Sunday, January 12, 2014

A restful to roll again!

Well, I've been at Tiffany and Cary's for the weekend and it has been pleasant. I will be rolling out of here later this afternoon. Next stop is Moore, OK....I will be delivering at the school that was in the news several months ago that got leveled by a tornado that came thru there. When I punched up the address for the school, all you see is the outline of the school building and cleared ground for several blocks in each direction and the path looks about 3/4-1 mile long. Kind of like a very large vacuum cleaner came thru there!

If you pull up 852 SW 11th St, Moore, OK with BING maps, you see this address from back to before the tornado came thru there. It is quite a built up residential area in the suburbs of Oklahoma City.  Then pull up the same address on Google maps.....the Google Maps has been updated since the tornado.....and you will see just how much devastation was wrought upon the area by just one tornado....and that area has been thru several of is really just amazing at the amount of manmade "stuff" that Mother Nature can remove in a matter of seconds!!!!

Which in turn makes me look/think about the fact that we are here for an allotted amount of time....and what we do with that time is what matters. The legacy that we leave behind is what really matters. Just what have we accomplished over this span of years that we call "our life"?  Is there something that we will leave behind that will be remembered when we are gone?

It is like I have always said about a one is indispensable, but when you are gone, you want them to say "we really miss him on this job"!! And that might be the same with want to be missed and for people to realize that you made an impact on them in a way that will still travel a long way even after you are gone!!

For me, I have had my years here, and still hopefully have a few more to go....and when I am not here anymore, have I influenced my kids and people around me enough that it has mattered that I was here at all?  Hopefully so!  But time will be the judge of that.  :-)

As of right now, I am at peace with judgements and decisions that I have made...time will tell if they were right or not! Now to get back on the road and see what I can see for the next several years, visit where I can visit, record what I see and hear and feel for these years and enjoy the world and work around me that I have set my path towards. 

After this short break and visit with the kids here, travel time again and then after a couple of weeks, break time in Alabama with the rest of my herd and see how life is treating them there.

And I might even embark on a run up to the cold country of Michigan when the white is gone to see how "norhterners" live!!!  HEHEHEHEH!  :P

But for now, time to pack and get ready to roll to OK tonight!  More to come soon!!  Cya!!

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