Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ft Buford, ND

Ran up to Ft Buford, ND on this past Sunday. Well, to the site of the old fort. It is pretty neat, because they have several buildings that they have restored or moved into the old border of the fort.

I thought the outline of the fort boundries was interesting. It is right close, about a mile, from the junction of the Missouri and Yellowstone rivers.
The Post Commander's house is still standing, and restored. It is in amazing shape from what I can see. (any interior pics you see were taken through the windows, it was closed for the season, I think).

I hope that I can get back to it one of these days when it is open. They seem to have a pretty decent collection of period furniture and the displays seem to be quite well set up.  :)

I think the pic below is of a billiard table...I really want to see the rest of the "table" that is covered.. the legs are fabulous!!

Also on the grounds is a (I believe) reconstruction of one of the enlisted barracks, with an attached mess hall and kitchen. They have the place pretty well fully furnished.

The mess hall looked like a school cafeteria...LOL  

But the kitchen was well appointed!!

I forget where it was moved to, I think Williston, ND, but the fort hospital was sold and moved to become a motel in a town not far away. 

I thought it was interesting that the Sgt of the Guard's little building was about like living in my little trailer!  LOL   It has most of the needs of an apartment, just really small and compact!!

From the signs there were at least 3 rows of "Officer Quarters", but all that is left is the outlines and slight depressions of where they were, and what looks like an excavation into one of the basements for a house.

The "Powder Magazine" is a solid building! It has stood the test of time! The roof has been reworked, but it looks like the rest is original. The lock might now be "original" to the building, but you don't find them like this anymore!!!  

There is a cemetery about 1/2 mile from the fort boundaries. They say that there are only about 5-8 of the original graves still in it. Most were moved by families to get them closer to the current families.

And on the way home there was a glorious sunset!  This pic just does not do it the respect that it deserves!!

It was a nice little excursion. Fort Union is about 4 miles from it, on the Missouri River bank. It is a fully restored "trader post/fort" that was closed when I got to it. I am going to try to get back to it within a week or so and get pics of it.  It is fully restored and looks fantastic!!

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