Thursday, October 4, 2012

COOL weather is here!!

An interesting week, so far.  We didn't run last night, due to rain, and it rained all day!  Last night dropped down to 33*, and about 2:30 this morning, my propane ran out!  LOL So fire up the little electric heaters and the Coleman heater...and go back to sleep!  Kept the trailer pretty doggone warm so all is well.   I won't know about work tonight until after 4pm, but I have a feeling that it will still be too wet, and tonight and tomorrow night the temp is supposed to drop to below 25*, and that is below where they like to harvest, if I remember correctly.  About to head out to find some propane here and get a couple of gallons.

I seem to be spending more and more time at the library here. It is quite peaceful most of the time....except when some of the oilfield workers decide to come in and use the Internet and try to run their business from here!  One has already been told to turn his ringer off while he is in here and he didn't look too pleased...oh well....if you need to work out of an office, then rent one or stay in your truck and do your work!  ;)

Found the folks that run the "Main Event" programs in Quartzsite, and trying to get hold of them about what I need to do to find out about vendors and getting hired there.  It makes more sense to head down there, if for no other reason than the fact that I can spend 5-6 months there for $180, can't get into anyplace else for that cheap or be somewhere where the avg temp for the area seems to be 58* for those months.  :D

Well, time for propane run, need to keep a little warm tonight!!  ;)

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