Saturday, January 2, 2016

Another Year....Come & Gone!!

As I sit here on a construction site I'm looking at the old train station in downtown Ft Worth....and the downtown "old" Post makes me think about how, in today's society/system the "old things" seem to be relegated to somewhere in the closet/basement/'s just not "relevant" in this advanced/progressive/technological age in which we are living! What seems rather strange to me is that the old buildings have to be torn down (even those that are in "bad shape")...get many of the newer buildings seem to have a hard time just staying up!

Granted, as things age, they take more upkeep than when new...but if they are looked after they offer a utilitarian style of almost exotic lifestyle for those that become involved with them. But old & exotic is just so much more interesting!  Things that have stood the test of time are the things folks look at to get a sense of stability in their lives.


Adding a little bit more to the post....the New Year has started! And it has rained most of the time, more or less!!  LOL!  Today the sun is shining!  YEA!!! I come south to get away from most of the cold....but this year the relative cold and rain has followed me! But I can deal with it!

Looking a little bit more at "the old things"....the new is better is the oft used refrain....but when you balance out the cost of purchasing/paying for the new (taxes, insurance, additions, etc...) compared with being able to work on something yourself, lower insurance, no interest....just have to think about the possibility of keeping the "old" thing!!

That being said...the next few weeks will involve more "updating" on Bertha, ripping and replacing a few things, getting the propane system working, a tune-up, some painting (interior and exterior) to ready her for the upcoming summer to Idaho.  SideKick has to have a tune-up and a turn-signal/parking light socket rewired in (since one of our furry friends here decided to try to make a bed under the hood and chewed off 3 wires from it!) But that issue will hopefully be fixed by this afternoon - thanks to Cary helping (actually doing) the soldering of new wires onto the socket!

Don't know if I mentioned it or not, but last year ended up being the wettest year on record for this area of Texas...over 62 inches for the year. All the ponds, lakes, resivoirs (however you spell it!) are full and the ground is like a full sponge....but still not complaining about the rain! We're out of drought now.

Time to get to work. Hope everyone is having a great new year and looking forward to a full year!!

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