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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

On The Road to TX

It has been a good trip so really bad weather, got a fair amount accomplished in Alabama, good visits with the back to reality!

Have a ton of pictures to go thru and scan and divide up. Brought a few things back for the folks. Will have to go  back the first part of May and get a little more done in the house. If all goes well, should be done by the fall!  LOL!  It is just so time consuming and at times seems almost overwhelming! But slowly & surly getting thru it all.

I hit 3 different traffic jams last night...this one in Jackson, MS was a goodie! Between the three of them they cost me about 3+ hours of road time!

Mother's Magnolia is doing well! It is amazing what happens when someone pours I'm not sure how many gallons of "Miracle Grow" directly on the root ball of a plant when it is young! This thing is huge!

Olivia and I spent a fair amount of time playing! She is going to be a handful when the time gets here. Has already gotten pretty good at getting around...they really grow up just so fast that it passes by right in front of you...and quick!!

Addie has really gotten the skill of "big sister" down times....almost too well!  But that is just another part of growing up. 

And Sylvia is growing up so fast!  And she loves her Uncle Josh!!

The winter storm of 2016 was a Alabama, anyway! It was gone!!!! 

And I had a good time going thru least some of them! I have seen pics this week that I don't remember having ever seen before.......

Sidekick was full for the run back....and what you see in this next pic...except for the shopping bag...all those boxes are full of pictures!!!  I have my work cut out for me in the coming weeks!

And I'm not sure where this came from or how it got in the boxes....but the Frog now has a Micky D's collector prize....A Frog!!

About to head on into the house...about 3 or so hours out...time to roll!


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