Friday, January 22, 2016

 Here I sit in the deep south....waiting for the snow and ice to get here!  LOL!  The temp here was 51 at 4:30pm it was 29....and is expected to drop another 3-5 degrees tonight. So even if we don't get but about 1/2-1 inch of the lumpy white stuff....the roads will  be GREASY/SLICK by in the morning, so I'm also interested to see just how many idiots will be out running around in their 4X4' just can't tell some folks that ice & rubber treads just don't mix!

I had originally planned on heading back to TX tomorrow, but as of now I'm planning on heading that way on Monday. The roads should be cleared off by then, and the temps are supposed to be coming back up some by then also.

I've been going thru boxes of pictures here for the past 2 days....and I've seen pictures that I have never seen before!  So the next few months will be very interesting as I go thru all the pics and digitally copy them and sort them, there is no telling what I might happen to learn about my kids family tree!

These pics of Mother and her parents I've never seen before....Awesome!

And these pages were in the front of her "wedding book" it gives a little more ammunition for the kids to track down more of our family tree....never know what we might find!!

I'll have more of this trek thru the past on here in the next few stay tuned for the next installment!

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