Saturday, January 30, 2016

Spring! In Texas? A Taste of Spring!

Feeling like spring here in Texas!  It is in the mid 70's for the weekend! But of course next week another cold front will be passing thru, so the roller coaster of temps continues!  And I wonder why my sinuses keep giving me fits!

Got back all in one piece from Alabama. It was a nice week and it was good seeing the kids and grand kids! The "little ones" are growing up sooooo fast!  Just helps me to feel all the more "old"! But except for the normal everyday aches and pains....still can't believe I will be 62 this year!  Too bad my body can't keep up with my brain!  
Pelen and Abbie consider me their personal doorman!

And Jolene is just growing too fast!

 And I can't wait to get back up to Sunny Gulch!!!

This is the way things are supposed to be!!!

Until later....Happy Travels to All!!!

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