Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Doing Security in Ft Worth. :-)

Well....I'm back to working with SiteWatch doing construction security in Ft Worth. But this site is really good...right downtown, in the middle of it all. That is a good view of the buildings...but not as good as my mountains in ID!  LOL

I'm also learning to "make do" with what I have available to me for getting my NCAA Football fix each week during the college season and then the bowl games!  

It is snowing blizzard style in El Paso for that game right now. And we have nasty weather coming in here and there is the "Dallas Bowl" going on right now at the Cotton Bowl here. It is going to be getting real cold (real cold for DFW that is) starting tonight, and we even have a good chance of getting some frozen mix here. Right now we have tornado warnings all over the place.  

Just had a "people powered" trolley from "Cow Town" come rolling by. Not a good focus..but that is hillarious!

As much as I don't like "the big city" I have to admit that I understand why people like can find almost anything that interests you, meets you epiurian needs, socialization is all here.  And if there just wasn't so many people here I would probably like it too! But there is just too much of a crush of humanity here for me to be able to really enjoy any of it. I have not been in one yet that is quiet and peaceful that unless it was either $70+/person or Vegan!  LOL!

Every time they cut in with a weather update it just keeps looking worse! Another hour and I'm headed for the house. Hopefully I'll be home before it starts for real here!

Since I started tis update we had a massive group of storms come thru the area, mainly SE from where we are. We got LOTS of rain and thunder...but on the other side of DFW they had 10 tornadoes....most have been registered as EF3 or EF4 size. They tore up Garland, TX and Rowlett got it pretty bad also. There were a total of 8 or 9 deaths and I have forgotten the house destroyed count. The really mangled that side of town! Just keep those folks in prayers & good thoughts!

I'm muddling along each day. Still doing food delivery and also Security work (as I started out this update with). Doing work on Bertha still. Lining up what parts I will be having to order to get the front end fixed. I also got a 4X5 storage room at the U-Haul place close by. So I'm also sorting out what I don't need with me all the time and getting it setup. Will probably put some of those plastic storage shelves they have at Lowe's in it and it will be about perfect for what I have/need to store.

I guess that about covers it for now. Had a quiet Christmas and will have a quiet New Years (working this weekend also).

So I will close with hoping you had a great Christmas and that your New Year will be just everything that you are hoping for it to be!

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