Thursday, January 14, 2016

"Warm" in Texas!! Kinda!! LOL!

It is still warmer in Texas than in Idaho! So I do believe that I will continue coming south for the winters! In fact, today, the high will be around 66*, and the high in Stanley is supposed to be 28*....I'll take 66*!!  

I have to admit, even though the price of oil keeps dropping, and soooo, the price of gas here keeps dropping also....I still don't think the economy is doing all that great! In case you have not been keeping up with the Stock has dropped for a 10% "correction"...and oil keeps dropping....and people keep eating out....and the "national personal debt" keeps going up....and the US national debt keeps going will all catch up with us before too long!
And one of the things that amazes me is that there are so many "paper tags" running around here! Paper tags means new cars....and they are all over the place! I can't remember ever seeing so many new is just amazing.

It has been nice being able to hang out with part of the "grandkid herd"! Jolene is growing like a weed! And before too long I will be running out to Alabama to see that part of the herd before too many more months go by.

I'm getting Bertha sorted out and cleaned up a bit more each day...and putting things into storage...but there is still time for Snickers to play fetch! 

As you can tell from the pic below, Pelen is just the old man of the house and makes a good subject for pics! I do believe that you could say that he was completely relaxed here!

And I just couldn't pass up putting this pic in! Now this is what you call a work of love and imagination!  I love this thing!

The following is on the end of one of my "Universe" dvd's...look at the second paragraph...I don't think they have missed much in their description of where it is NOT allowed to be shown!

Back in Gadsden, AL we have "Nocalula Falls"...and my son Joshua posted several videos and pics of the falls during the heavy rains that they were having there. It has been a long time since I have had a chance to see the falls that full and overflowing! 
In the pic below, the "dark line" in the middle of the pic, in the middle of the creek, is a foot bridge that is normally about 6' over the creek in the middle of the walk over. Not that way in the pic! And the noise of the falls if just fabulous in this type of a flow!

I do believe that brings me about up to date with life here. I've gotten a lot done on the inside of Bertha, now I am getting ready to do the work that needs to get done for the run back up to Idaho this May. It keeps me out of trouble!!

Take care and more soon!  :-)  C'ya!

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