Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Stormy Weather - Peace For Me!!!

I've been open officially  now since last Friday, and even being Memorial was just very peaceful!  I only have a max day of 18 campers here! The weather is keeping them away. And, granted, it has rained every evening since I arrived except for 1! But you can set you watch by it. I starts to blow in around 3pm, rain for 30-45 min between then and 5pm, clears up for supper time, then starts again sometime after 8pm.  So, in actuality, it is not an issue...for diehard campers!  LOL

I've only had 2 campers in here since Monday evening. And one of them will be departing today. The other came in Saturday and will be here for a total of 10 days....that is the max time you can stay in this campground.

Keith is still bringing me gas at least 2 times a week for my generator. There has just not been enough sun to charge the solar battery array. Yesterday I actually had sun for the better part of the middle of the day...and yet the batteries never got above mid-charge (yellow). I've gone easy on them, not really using them much to save them wear and tear, but today and tomorrow I will just charge up by generator.  I've even gotten it down to running the frig on max while charging, and it gets cold enough that it will keep everything in there cold for 10-14 hours with no power. So I have been turning off the inverter (1K) and using my 350W to run my tv, dvd player and charge my electronics. And it is working like a charm.

It has been so peaceful, in fact, that the past two evenings I have had a fire going by 5:30pm and get to enjoy it for  couple of hours before I let it burn out and head in for the evening (and to get out of the evening shower!).  :-)  And the nice thing is that even with the minor number of campers I had onsite, I gathered up enough leftover wood from their sites that I have enough for probably 4 or 5 more fires, easily, and that's makes me figure that I should be able to go for the entire summer with one or two fires each week, minimum, and still not have to worry about buying any wood!  WooHoo!!  In fact my first fire was done with wood that I had taken from firepits that had not been totally burned, and that fire lasted me 4 hours with the big it is going to be a good summer!!  :-)   This is a Federal Forest, so they are quite strick on burning and what/how/where/when it can be done. They also like to try to keep folks from picking up fallen wood because they are trying to let it rot in place like it would in nature to replenish the soil.

This summer is also getting me prepared for after next year for when I plan on taking extended runs to the 4-Corners area. This gives me time to get all the kinks out of Bertha, make the improvements and fixes that I need to do to her, AND to have some serious practice on "energy conservation" with my items that need power so that I willl be able to live with a very small footprint when I get out in the middle of nowhere.

There is one other thing about being up here for the summer....the elevation here is 6,258 ft above sea level....I had forgotten how thin air gets after spending so much time in Texas!!  It has cut my smoking down and I get to do enough each day to give myself a little bit of a workout!!  LOL!!  :-D   Tiffany had fed me too well while I was there, and I had gained a bit (well, maybe just a bit more than a bit!!), but I'm already back to within 10 lbs of where I was a few months ago and will keep heading in the down direction on the scale. The altitude here is also good on my "self-inflicted" exercise I'm doing. My BP has been holding steady and a lot lower than a year ago, and keeps going lower, so that makes me happy!

Keith just brought my Daily Activity Report (DAR) by, and I don't have any reservations coming in until 6/5, so the peacefulness continues! There are only 10 reserved spots here out of 44 available sites, most are FCFS, so we will see what happens this weekend.

I guess that about brings things up to date for now. I'll finish getting ready for the day and go make my rounds. I'm headed to the "services" are for us around noon. Going to wash clothes, take a LONG hot shower, and see part of the other campgrounds....I have not seen any of them since getting here. Bertha and I found my campground, pulled in, set up and I have not been out of here since!! Kind of nice, actually!!

Oh, and the pic of a sweater and knit cap!?!?!  Almost at the end of May!?!?!?  That tells you just how cool it has been here! The mountains still have a pretty good amount of snow on them, and this past Sunday afternoon, at 3:30pm, when our daily shower was rolling in, the first 30 minutes of it was all sleet and hail! Yes, it does stay quite cool in the Rockies!!!

Have a good week an more to come in a couple of days!  :-D

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