Saturday, May 9, 2015

Tomorrow, Tomorrow....I'm Leaving Tomorrow!!!!

I have been sitting at Tiffany's getting myself ready to roll out to Idaho for the past 2 weeks...and believe it or not, I am actually about to leave tomorrow!! Can you believe it!?!?!  LOL!!  

Not a bad pic considering it is with my watch!!!

I've gotten Bertha pretty well setup for the next 5 months...and it has been an experience to work this all out in my think ahead for 5 months! And have worked most of the kinks out of her.  I am waiting until tomorrow lunchtime to be able to get a couple of new plug wires on her so that she will run smoother. One of the wires got cooked riding on the edge of the exhaust manifold!  I thought it was another one that got cooked by the header, but one had been moved around some and was laying right on the very rear edge of the manifold....and it was COOKED!!!!!

I believe that I have food loaded into Bertha that will take me thru the next 5 months...if you open any cabinet or drawer in here, you will either find food, utensils or pet food!!  LOL!!!  She is packed!

But I did get a Brita filter pitcher from Goodwill that looks new, and have been trying it out....and that Brita filter system works like a takes all the chlorine taste out and it has even removed that "plasticie" smell from the water tank out of it also.....which means my coffee tastes just like it is from bottled water!!  Yea!!!

With the generator removed from Bertha, I have a storage area that holds my oil/coolant, etc crate, water and sewer hoses, air compressor, hazard triangles...and even a little more stuff!  Which means I am able to move the cat box up to the front of Bertha where the passenger seat was....which means my whole floor is open in the house!!!  YaaaHooooo!!!!!  LOL!

So time to finish a little more cleaning....then shower....then wash last load of clothes....then try to sleep!!!  

More of the "early retirement saga of The Frog" in a day or two!!

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