Sunday, May 17, 2015

I Have Arrived!!

I got into the campground on Friday, on time! I was really surprised. Bertha did an outstanding job of getting us here. She ran like a top, didn't use much oil (even thought there were several pulls of over 6 degrees and each a couple of miles long), and didn't even use much coolant. I think she had not been run "hard" for some many years, just sitting, that it has taken a good hard run to get her back into traveling shape! Of course, now she will be sitting here for the next 4.5+ months!  LOL

This place is beautiful! I'm in the Sawtooth National Forest, there are 47 campsites here, all "primitive"...which means here that there are no utility hookups...but each site has a paved pulloff for RV, gravel parking spot for vehicle, a boxed in gravel area for tents, a concrete pad with a metal picnic table, metal "cook" table and a firepit.  There are 6 or 7 "outhouse" bathrooms and a large covered "public" picnic area that is concrete with metal tables that will accomdate up to 60-80 people.

But my site is is site #1...and I have a solar electric hookup to recharge my batteries and run off of for a few hours each day. There is also a septic hookup for is nice to have the bathroom working!! I will have water delivered to me each Monday and Thursday.  And I have my little golf cart! It is gas powered, so no worry about charging it up!

I've met Tom, he's the one that hired me. He has been with the company for 11 years. Like him, very easy to work with. Then there is Keith, he dropped by yesterday evening. Keith is the "Area Manager" for RRMoA (Recreational Resource Management of America, the company name). John, the maintenance guy, and his wife, Roseann, came by to bring me my paperwork, say hi, let me know about the water...and later brought my golf cart. They're all just so laid back....I do believe that I just might fit in here real well!!  LOL  :-)

The views here are superb! I have snow covered covered mountains to look at in 2 directions, the river is shallow and fast (they do rafting, canoeing and whatever those other little "boats" are called all along it). There are hot springs in the area, but not sure yet if there are any here. Wouldn't hurt my feelings if there were!

So far I've seen several hawks and a couple of, I think, small falcons. There are a multitude of small birds that I've never seen before, so it should be interesting trying to get pics of them and finding out what type they are. I've seen little chipmonks, just like the ones in AL, and what I think are ground squirrels, they are up to about 11 or so inches long. Yesterday morning I saw in the middle of my site entrance what I thought at first was a pile of dog poo....but upon closer was NOT dog poo!!  So I am going to have to find out just what other wildlife is wandering around here!  LOL  :-D

I've got orientation at 11am today. One of the guys is going to drop by and give me a ride. It is at the Ranger Station back up the road about 2 miles.Tom let me know that I was officially on the payroll as of yesterday, so I will get a half months pay this month! Better than I had expected.

Guess that about covers it for now. I'll be adding posts about 1 or 2 times each week. I am totally roaming here, but have everything throttled down to where I am not using too much data transfer. I might just survive on 300mb each month!! :-)

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