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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Officially Open....And they will come!!! LOL

I'm officially open and have over a dozen campers here already. And I am having a blast!

Takes me about an hour in the morning to make my morning outhouse round. Then I look for the campers that come in overnight when I'm in the house. Then it is time for the morning harassment of the campers here!!

And these folks all, so far, have the camper attitude. They are a blast to talk with and visit with. Just have to keep reminding a couple of them that it is the law that they have to keep their dogs on a leash. But so far, that has gone well and the dogs are all well behaved.

The fog is finally burning off and it is looking like there will be sunshine for the better part of the day. The closest rain is about 140 miles away!  YEA!!! Had enough sun yesterday that I was able to charge up batteries from the solar setup, run the frig and watch some tv and it still left a little charge on the solar set. So it will all be good as I get more and more used to the setup!!

Time to wander around some and work on a couple of the site sign posts that are loose. 

Have a good day, I'm going to!!!  :-)

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