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Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Day In Stanley Library!!

Well I made it into town and to the library at 0845 this morning...and found out the library opened at 12noon!  LOL  So I rode around with John and delivered water to 3 camps, then to me, and then he dropped me off here, @ 1130. Did most of my tablet updates sitting on the bench in front of the library.

It's a tough job but somebody's gotta do it!!

And a nice little library it is!  And it is also new, clean, well lit, has several computer stations for public, and workroom type area with setup for tech stuff, a cute children's corner, a kitchen area (and what seems like a local regular that came in, made a cup of coffee, brought a frozen pizza in with him, and is now looking at the paper and drinking his coffee!!  :-D  )

I have had it easy from the start of getting here. I only had the 16 campers over Memorial Day weekend, and as of right now I have no campers onsite at all!  But that seems to  be about to change!  So I am enjoying this quiet week and weekend and preparing for the onslaught!  

And NOW...for some pics for you to see my life now!!!  LOL!!  And Loving It!!
My main entrance, plain but beautiful!!

And for the money you just can't beat the views that I have from my site!!

A couple of my neighbors..they are pleasant to deal with!!

And boy does Abbie have a ball trying to catch them at times!!

My wood pile keeps growing. I collect it from the sites after the campers leave, and they almost always leave wood behind. Which makes it good for me and my fires!!

And, as I said's a hell of a tough job, but it's gotta be done!!!

And of course I have my little Bessie (the golf cart) all setup include a little skull I found mounted to the front grill!!!  LOL!

It is looking better on the inside...but you have to remember I'm a confirmed bachelor!!!   But I'm getting there!!!

It's about time to get ready to head back to the camp, so I guess I'll close for now. I'll get a few more pics up in a couple of weeks. Should have some different things to take pics of when all my campers start hitting next week!

So long for now from my own little piece of heaven!!!

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