Thursday, May 21, 2015

What Warm Weather?? Heheh!

I've been here a week now, and so far not a day has gone by that it hasn't rained! It's like a mini-monsoon season! It is not a drowning rain, but it is a get everything real moist and drippy. And the nights have consistently dropped down to around 35-40 degrees. Yesterday was supposed to be a high of 65....I think it almost hit 54. I love it!

And it is so scenic here...snow covered mtns, pine covered mtns, steep grassy mtns and a very sweet river! It really is a great spot.

There are BIG deer and also elk. I haven't seen any deer yet here in camp, but the elk apparently come thru and leave their business cards all over the place. And there seems to be about 3 or 4 sizes of chipmunks and 2-3 sizes of ground squirrels and quite a few "normal" gray squirrels. I haven't really had time to do much photography yet, but that will come as I get my system down pat and have some time during the day to try to get some of the critters.

I had my first paying campers come in last night about 6:45pm. And of course it was raining when they pulled in. They are just a one nighter, headed to someplace else today. Have 5 more sites to finish getting ready, about 2 hours work, and then I will be ready for the season.

Already have 11 sites reserved for the weekend. One of them will be here for over a week. The max stay at the campground is 10 days.

About time to start my day. I have been starting around 8:30 or so since I got here....tomorrow will start being 7am days from here on out. 2-3 hours each morning, then 2 hours or so each evening...middle of the day will be piddle time....except for checking folks in....I think I can stand the hours!  At least I will be sleeping all night like an almost normal person!!  :-)

Enjoy these couple of pics. More to follow at a later date!! A couple of these pics are from the drive up. It was a really nice run!

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