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Sunday, July 27, 2014

TX hot!

It's been a quiet weekend...The kids went to Cary's family reunion in NM for the weekend. So needless to say I've been very quiet here! Just me...4 dogs, a cat, 3 fish, 1 turtle...and..."Little Duke" the chicken! LOL

Have been doing some work on Bertha, have a few things to go...but most of what is left I need Cary to help me with, can't sit in right positions long enough due to my ankle. But "we're" getting there!

Speaking of ankle, seems to be doing much better. I really don't need my crutch all the time now. I'm slow (no comments needed! ) but at least I'm moving!

It has gotten to 102° here today. Some spots close by have hit 104°.  But there's a cold front coming tonight and the high for tomorrow is supposed to only be 93°.  And by end of week the highs only in upper 80's.

But I have to be in San Antonio by next Friday & it's going to be in the high 90's there, so I won't get to enjoy the cool for much, because the temps in San Antonio next week are supposed to stay in the upper 90's every day....dang it!!  LOL

Well, this pretty well gets you caught up with the continuing saga of my "early retirement" from truck driving. I'm sure there will be more interesting and strange bends and twists in the coming stay tuned and watch the saga grow!!  Heheh   :-)

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