Friday, August 15, 2014

Parking is a Nightmare!

 My how time flies when you are working fact,you tend to loose track of the days and dates!  It has been two weeks since my last update, so get ready for a long one! I am in San Antonio, TX on a job at a construction site. It has been power onsite for me (was suppposed to stay onsite),
so I found this spot under some shade trees behind a big Regal Theatre. Was really nice until yesterday, the manager came by and let me know that Regal wouldn't allow parking on their am on the hunt for some where else to hide during the day...and they just don't exist. I'll just have to see how it goes for the next couple of days. And where the site is, in the middle of the San Antonio Medical Complex, there just aren't any places to park. And businesses definitely don't want to have an RV parked on their property...even if it is in the back and gone during their main busy times. Oh Well!
 A few days ago I got my "entertainment center" situated and I now have my dvd's and Wii Mini up and operational.  It is nice to have some entertainment available when I'm off. As usual, the tv stations here are of a limited selection...I haven't even been able to find PBS there isn't much, but I do have the Networks, so I can get some sports on the weekends.

 Above are the tools of the trade for this new venture. You have to be able to see at night and since I can't do a bunch of walking yet, I have to be able to see a distance from where I park and ends of my walks.

I got my rice cooker out the other day and made my first batch of rice in it. And it worked flawlessly! But I had forgotten just how much 2 cups of rice is! Ate on it for two days!

The panorama shot above is of the "common area" for the complex. It will have a pool and "garden" area...pretty big project.

Below was from the other night when we had a really good line of thunderstorms come thru!  It was in the middleof the night,and the lightening was bright enough to get a couple of shots out the front window of Bertha. I was a major rain, and set construction outside back for 2 days. 

Below is a panorama of the from side of the job. It is cramped to say the least. The entrance is basically a one-way is not wide enough for two vehicles to get thru during the day with all the equipment running around.

 Have gotten to know some of the workers by face, and they are a friendly group. These shots of a delivery truck is driven by Oscar. They bring most of the sheetrock into the site. And it is a job!!  He spent the whole day there yesterday just trying to get two loads done, and by 7:15pm he was fed up and frustrated, and they left back to the yard, with 126 sheets still onboard. It is just such a hassle to get anything done with such limited space.

 These two shots are of the back of the project which is where I had thought that I was going to be parking....but....when I got here I was told that there was only generator power, no water and not space actually to park on site. So...I had been going offsite every day and coming back at night. And all this open space here in the pics is now formed and rebarred and ready for a pour on Monday morning. The problem with this is there is just barely room for me to turn around at the far end now, and when they pour, you can't get on it for at least 7 is just getting hard to park.

This shot above is a round view of the front side of the site. As you can tell, there is just not much room here to do much of anything. It is a more or less corner lot that is on a hillside and not very big. And from what I have guessed, there will be about 350 apartments here. Thus the reason for the parking deck. Boy will they be cozy!!

And I got my new Alabama Tag today!  Isn't it pretty! So now Bertha is totally legal!! It is such a relief.

I'll try to make an update in a couple of days. Fired up the generator to get the A/C running because it was just too warm to sleep. I'm at a Home Depot about 3 miles from the site. Might stay here over the weekend unless I find something better. Which I'm not real hopeful of. :-)

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