Monday, July 14, 2014

Catch-up Time!! Again! :)

Time for another "catch-up" session!  I just realized today that I have been here for 4 weeks at 7pm tonight!  My how time passes when you are having fun....or immobilized!

I have to look at pics from day 1 to current to realize that my foot has come a long way towards being almost a usable appendage again....but it still has a long way to go....if I can keep my sanity until then!  I don't make a very patient patient when it comes to myself and being immobile!!  
July 14
July 14
June 16
June 16
 But it is looking much better...especially the bruising and swelling. But the heal area is still quite swollen and I would guess that I only have about 15-20% of the motion back in the ankle so far. I can wiggle my toes now...and bend the ankle some....and even "stand" on it!  But that is just for a second...I don't want to push the issue for it yet. I am able to use just one crutch in my tiny house...but I am trying to stay slightly smart and keep using both crutches until the swelling goes away completely and it can hold weight like normal (or close to normal!).

 I've gotten the motorhome a lot more organized...and cleaned out....and livable....but there is still quite a bit to do before it is ready for the road. But it is getting there. The kitchen area is usable now.


 The seats and the sofa are also usable now. I have to admit that I have thrown out about 5 bags of stuff that I either have no use for or I ended up looking at it and saying "Now why did I want to have that in here? (Or why did I have it in the truck????)  LOL 

I get up fairly early everyday (between 5-6am) and wander out to the house. It's cooler and quiet and I don't sweat quite so much! And I have gotten power out to the house (light power, but power) so I have my coffee out there and watch/listen to the morning news. It's a small screen...but it works!!  :)

I do believe that about gets me caught up for today. Not much else has happened. I have spent several hours online looking at the job market here...and there is not a lot to say, except that there really is not a lot of job market here. You either get to do "manual labor" type work or you better have a degree and not be "overqualified"....that is about the main job lines around DFW. But I just keep looking and reading!!

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