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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Time for an Update!!

The healing process continues...and boy is it going to be a long one!!  I have gotten into a shoe, and it helps the feel of the bottom of my foot. This morning both legs were basically the same size...a good maybe it will all heal up.  And a lot of the pressure/swelling is going from the rear arch of my foot, but it is still quite "fat"!!  But I do now have all my toes and they can wiggle. But I have to get up and move around or get my leg up every hour or so due to the fact that the messed up ankle is limiting the circulation of the leg, so it swells if I don't keep an eye on it.

I have found a with a company for construction sites. It is basically what I have been looking for over the past several years. Most of the sites will allow me to "live" on site with my motorhome, and I will be doing overnight security, but it will be at my pace and I will have the days to relax/sleep/work on it is about perfect.

Now I just have to get Bertha running right so that I can get on the job! And this is not a minor task right now!

Cary has been a god send....with his help I've replaced the thermostat, mounted a luggage carrier on the rear, removed a couple of the seats, replaced the H2O pump, gotten the auxillary battery situation taken care of, moved all my stuff from truck to Bertha and other things so numerous I can't remember them all!  LOL  :-)

 But....what had been a 12-24 month process of getting Bertha travel ready has turned into a 1 week process that looks like it will be a 2-3 week process!!  Went and fueled up this morning and she is running rough! We had done a flush (as well as could be done without pressure) of the cooling system and she is still heating up too much. And when I got back from the gas station, and came back out here an hour or so later......there is a leak in/from the fuel tank...and right now I'm not mobile enough to get under there and see where it is coming from will be going to the oil change shop they use in the morning to have an oil change and "professional" flush of the cooling system....AND see just where the fuel leak is and what is going to be entailed in getting it fixed. Not looking forward to that one! This evening I'm going to pull and replace all the plugs and see if that helps get rid of the rough running.  Probably change out the plug wires and distributor cap also.

I have also gotten the little portable A/C unit up and vented and running in is a battle to keep it cool in here somewhat, but for 7600btu it does a pretty good job, as long as I keep my fans circulating the air around.  It is not "real" cool in the heat of the day, but it takes the humidity out of the air and keep it at least 10 degrees cooler than the outside so it feels a lot better!  Have to keep in mind that it is 91 here right now, feels like 97 outside....and supposed to get to 98 or so it is a lot better in here!

Yesterday Tif and the girls took me out to Weatherford to get the Astro cleared out of what I needed to keep. There was more in there than I remembered! But we got out there and got gone...without seeing anyone (I was not surprised). On the way back, we stopped and let the girls have some playtime at the Chick Filet playground...and it went well. As you can tell from the pic, it was Josceline's first time "alone" to go up into the play area....decisions, decisions!!  Julia on the other hand hit high gear in the tubes!! have that much energy again!!

 Well, time to get a little more done while I have the energy and coolness!  Still working on getting the inside of Bertha setup for life! Which now means that I will spend the next 6 months redoing where stuff if depending on just how much I use each thing...and whether I use it at all (which means those items go out the door)!  But I'm about 2/3's of the way there for the time being.

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