Sunday, July 6, 2014

Recovery is a little slow!

   It has been a pretty peaceful weekend, even for a "holiday weekend"!  :-)  And I am getting a little better each day....but I'm not even a good patient for myself!  LOL  I just can't wait until I have both of my feet back so that I can move around for longer than 15 minutes.  But I have to admit that I can put some weight on it now, not full pressure, but some fairly substantial pressure. Maybe in the next few days I will be able to graduate to one crutch and at least I will be mobile enough to spend some time in the motorhome in the mornings to start getting it settled/put up (as far as all my stuff goes), and start getting the things fixed/updated that need to get that way so that I can start looking around for something to do.

   This is going to be a rather healthy update....have several days to go back and get caught up with!

   July 4th started out with an early morning July 3rd!  Josceline can be an early Thursday started out with an early morning on the front porch with me and Abbie.

Then we head into July 4th!  The red, white and blue day!  Julia decided to stay with normal clothing for the day, but Josceline decided that she would go all out for the day....all she needed was Wonder Woman's crown and rope of truth and we all would have been in trouble!!

And then Abbie got all wound up and here we went!  When she gets on a roll, she gets on a roll!  I tried to get her running with the girls, but missed it both times, so I'll try to do better and get some video of that soon, too.

I stayed at the house the evening of the 4th...fireworks were just not really on my list of exciting things for the evening.  And maybe it was good that I stayed at the house....because when the neighborhood started "blasting off" I ended up with a lap full of Paisley, Abbie, Sammy (at one time) and Mischief at my feet for a while....they were not impressed at all with the booms!  LOL

And you know that you have been somewhere for a while when your dog knows how to use the cat door and even knows the command "go inside, Abbie"!  LOL

Saturday was another "good day" for me...when it came to relaxing and sitting around!  BUT....I found several different motorcycle races on the tube....and then.......

I found football!!!!  It might have been CFL....but it was live and actual football in July and I was in heaven!!!! And it was a good game...good enough that I do believe that I will try to keep up with the CFL for a while and see how it goes.

Now today was a totally different scenario!  It started out about 6:45 this morning with Cary and me leaving the house headed southwest of the city.

We met a few friends, and then headed further out of town...a lot further out of town!  In fact, we were out in the middle of cattle and oil country...and it was a beautiful place...
 And the reason for this adventure so early in the morning in the middle of nowhere in Texas.....

AAAhhhhhhhhhhhh....time for the boys to play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 And play we did...and it was a blast!  As you can tell, there was a "minor" arsenal at our disposal...and we made the most of it! There was everything from 22cal pistols/rifles to AR's chambered with 308cal. And a whole lot in between!
 And you can get some good ideas when you go to new places....THIS is an excellent use for a 3-wheeled stroller when the kids out grow it. I mean, a man has to make sure his "babies" are riding in safety and security.

 And after playing with pistols of all calibers, we settled in for a while at the rifle table....and had a blast putting holes in the cardboard targets and seeing just how good a pattern we could make.  (and I must patterns lacked a very tight grouping!).
 But it was a good day and a fun time....until the Texas sun got up and decided to make it just a tad warm out there in the sand pits!!!  Boy, does it get hot fast around here when that sun finally gets up to the 10-11am's a pain in the you know what!!!!

I'll just end this edition with.....HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!!!!

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