Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Lifestyle Change!!!

 As you can tell from the pics above, I had a slight mishap in Houston....fell off my trailer and I have done a number to my right ankle/foot!  It has probably been about 30+ years since I had a sprain like this!

I have been at Tif and Cary's for about 11 days now and it looks like I'll be here for a while longer.  I fell off my trailer about 2 weeks ago and I'm still on my crutches and can't really put any weight on my right foot.  This is going to be a long "repair" run!  I just don't seem to heal quite as fast as I used to!     Heheheh.....duh!!                                                     

 And I did not want to go in the hole any more with the truck..... sooooooo... with the help of Tif and Cary my truck got emptied and I returned it yesterday and am no longer in the trucking industry.  This in turn has brought on mixed feelings.  I love driving and see the road and meeting folks....and having a different sunrise and sunset every day....but that can only go on for so long.  I have gotten over the hump of the "giving up on driving" now for the next leg of this life experience....getting to learn how to be a gran'pa....and actually getting to slow down on my terms. 

And two of those "terms" are sitting on my chest is Gramps time!  A little hard for a workaholic to slow down....but getting there.....and the other three are in Alabama...And I will be headed for there in a couple of months....have to get my retirement house settled first and a little cash and then to the "Heart of Dixie" we go!!!

And then there are those kids that are still in the process of getting to the "big boy stage"!!!!   But I think they will all make it yet!!!
And last week was a fabulous week of rain and wind and cool for this part of Texas. And sitting on the front porch and watching the winds blow in and the rain just come down and to just be able to watch it and not worry about the time or the timing of the "run" were quite pleasant....I am pretty sure that this transition to "Froggy Retirement" will be pretty painless!!!  I am already getting used to this!!  Now to get my right foot back and all will be well with the world!!!

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