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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Headed for Texarkana

I made it to KY, picked up 3 spools of aluminum power wires (18K, 16K & 8K in weight) and took them to Couderay, WI. And it has either been raining or wind blowing or both for the whole trip! But got there in one piece and off loaded them just fine.

I then spent the night at the Wally in Rice Lake, WI....and it rained the whole time. And the wind kept blowing has finally about rained itself out late this afternoon. There is not much for loads out of this area when you don't tarp....but Vanessa finally found me a load out of Camp Douglas, WI ..... hauling 2 HumV's to Texarkana, TX for the WI ANG. But have all weekend to get there. I have to call down there first thing in the morning and get an appointment for delivery. Hopefully I will be empty by mid-morning Monday. But it is a DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) operation, that is who runs Anniston Army there is no telling just when I will get unloaded. 

Made it into IA tonight before stopping....No sense in running into the ground...have 3+ days for a 1.5 day run! Tomorrow will be a laundry day and shower day and enjoy the scenery day!

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