Sunday, May 4, 2014

Feel like I'm back in the gov't again!! LOL

Made it to Texarkana today and can't get thru the gate until 0530 tomorrow...why am I not surprised....they have quite a parking area there, but unlike like many of the companies that I deliver to, they make no effort to help the drivers....0530-7pm "overnight" needless to say, I am expecting to see quite a zoo in the morning!

 I must admit that having 3 days to make a one day drive has had it I actually have gotten the sleeper of the truck pretty well setup....almost everything has a place now....and there is actually room!!!  I can actually walk around in here without having to step over or around or trip over stuff to get from front to back and back to front...make life much nicer in here!
 And last night I made it to one of my favorite rest is about a half hour south of Ft Smith, AR. It is almost always pretty well empty, very quiet and really a nice, well kept up rest area. Almost like camping!!
 What I have on board right now are two Hummers....REAL hummers...that are headed in to either be refitted/reworked.....or to be scrapped. One of them was driven on....the other one was pushed on with a forklift....LOL....never know what will be on here.
 They were picked up at Camp Douglas in WI.  It is an old AF base that is now a WI Air Natl Gd and WI Army Natl Gd. There was not enough room to park, so just got a couple of shots of the plane park as you come into the base....I do love military bases....if we could just get our cities to look this good!  Fat Chance!!!!

The last load I had onboard, that got me to WI, was a load of aluminum power line....and of course it would be a mess where they were actual job site where they are upgrading and putting in new needless to say, with the snow and the rain that they have been having, it was a mess.
Have no idea where we're headed from here, so Abbie and I will just sit it out tomorrow and see what happens....hopefully I won't have to wait all day to get empty....but, with gov't never know!!!  LOL

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