Friday, May 3, 2019

Settled In

In my spot and all set up. Seems to be a decent spot. High tide does get rather close. But my spot seems to be on pretty solid sand, Europa doesn't hardly make an indention in it.
Last nite was rainy off & on, this morning was filled with severe t'storm watches & warnings. Had winds hitting 25mph and higher. It seems that the avg winds here on the beach are hovering at 13-18mph. And I do mean to say...they are non-ending! And the forecast is for the same for the next several days. So I'll see how well I chose my site...If I have to move, then I guess I'll move!!  LOL!
The other thing I've already noticed is the amount of trash that comes onto the beaches! It is very, very sad, especially when you add the trash that visitors to the beach also leave behind! Other than that, it is quite beautiful. Speaking of beach visitors, they seem to be flowing out from the city for their weekend adventure! You should see the fishing poles...and the 4X4s....and the travel trailers!  There are even 35' toy haulers on the beach now!

I'll be here for a week or two! There could be worse places!!  LOL!  But I do still miss my desert & desert mountains!!
Hope to see you out here soon!!
Frog, Abbie & Snickers

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