Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Headed North to the Metro Tomorrow

Just a quick update...heading north to the DFW Metro area tomorrow! Have had all the beach fun I can take for now! 

Have to get to the Metro so can do a few major repairs to Europa. Will be fixing the exhaust manifold issue on her. Also installing a new solar controller & adding another 100w solar panel. That will take our on board solar output to 400w. And I'm considering adding another 100w in a couple of months.

Still planning out our travel itinerary for the next few months. Always keep an itinerary...it's the schedule that is seemingly always in flux!

Be sure to check our website every so often. I'm about to add a page for offering "guided" trips. They will be set up for 2-3 RVs and they will be "topical"!  I'll do all the planning - stop-overs, night camps, things to see & do and the cost per person. 

The trips will not be to the spots that are usually inundated each "vacation season", but to see things off the "beaten path" where crowds don't exist! There will be nights in RV parks, nights in campgrounds and nights dispersed camping (that's what I've always called dirt camping - off the grid).

Some of the trips I'm thinking about will be to places passed up by the pace of today. Other trips will be totally arranged around Nature. Some dealing with historical things. Some will be for "beginners" all the way up to the "old hands"! I'm even considering doing, possibly, age groups or family groups.

So, in case you haven't, bookmark the site....
Also, hopefully soon, this old brain of mine will be able to figure out how to put a "subscribe" button on the site! If wanted, you can leave your email in a comment section so as I get my newsletter started I'll be able to make keeping up with AYNTSI.  

So hang in here with us...I hope to see some of you out here on the road soon!!

Frog, Abbie & Snickers


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