Saturday, May 11, 2019

Off the Beach - Surge!!


It was a good time while it lasted!!  Had a nice spot about a mile from the road end...little cutout in the dunes....high tide mark was probably 25+ feet from my my potatoes in the chiminea....and then.....
 .....I woke up Wednesday morning to the above excitement!


Yup! Overnight a front/storm had moved in over the Gulf, the winds had hit a high speed of 32mph overnight, and when I opened my door that morning I was greeted by the tide swishing past and under Europa!! Not a very secure feeling!!
 So after I got over my initial shock...and moving things out of the way...and surveying the situation....I gave the kids a call and...the cavalry was on the way!!

At least it was a pretty day....sunny, windy, too warm!  LOL!  Didn't take long to get Europa free from the sands. Tera & I dug the rear tires out some & ramped the sand. So when Greg gave a good solid tug Europa fairly well just popped out of the holes. It did take a heavy foot on Europa...but I was proud of her...came right out and we headed for the pavement!!
I'm back in front of Tera & Greg's place in Corpus Christi. But I made it 6 nights on the beach...and I will say it is really pretty from about 1900 each evening to about 0800 each morning!!!  LOL! I'm just not a sun & sand kind of person!

If you are a sun & sand kind of person, Padre Island is your spot, North stay right there on the beach, the only fee is your park entrance fee. Camping is for 14 will love it!!

 The deer come down to the rich grasses on the dunes morning & have several flights daily of the "pelican patrol"!....there are even locals that perch on the facilities for tourists at the Visitor Center!!! And they are quite friendly...even if they also happen to be a bit messy with their hygiene!

But no matter where you go once on the island you will have excellent views....
 expansive views of beautiful skies.....
and unique places to park and enjoy the sand, sun and beach!!
  Just remember....don't do like Frog....

make sure that you keep a close eye on the weather, find a GOOD weather app and when the skies look like the above sky....

Hope to see all of you out here one day soon! I'll be headed north for the DFW area next week. Then about the middle of June I will be headed out to the Western Lands for the summer...and possibly the fall.

Please try to take a minute and visit my website that is actually up and running now..... ...... I think you might enjoy it. And on this blog home page is a button for becoming a "patron" of AYNTSI...I hope you will think about becoming a patron and share what Frog & AYNTSI are all about and offering!

 Take care, travel safe...but Travel!!
Frog, Abbie & Snickers

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